I’ve used this surgery since July 1999 and my wife has done since 1995. I always get good service and appointments when I want one. The staff are always courteous and willing to help.Once in a while you do get some who are quite neutral but I’ve never had any problems with this surgery.

Since having a child 5 years ago, they’ve also provided excellent care for him and I’ve never been turned down for an appointment.


I have been registered at this practice over 2 years now, and I have not had any bad experience with the appointments, GP or nurses, I have recommended my friend and she is very happy.


I am happy with all services especially on Tuesday they have open from 8am till 7:30pm. Very happy person.


I have been a patient at this practice for many years and have always received excellent treatment, whether for minor or more significant problems. On several occasions over the years I have needed to be referred on to other services and this was always done efficiently. The atmosphere in the Health Centre is quiet and calm and the receptionists very helpful.

It is disappointing to read so much criticism of NHS Health Services in the media while good services such as this one go unreported. The NHS is of huge benefit to people living in this country and must be defended if we are not to lose it. Taking it for granted will put it at risk.

David Griffiths

I have just signed up with this health centre and found the staff to be excellent. I have visited the doctor twice and found them to be straight to the point and frank about my problems, and I thank the doctor for that.

Ian Sneddon